Unleash the Potential of Your People
  • Are your employees engaged at work?
  • Do your employees wake up eager to head to the office and work to the best of their abilities?
  • Do your employees know and believe in your company mission?
  • Are your employees making a difference?
  • Or, are your employees like the majority of American workers who work for the weekend and dread heading into the office every day?

Employee engagement plays a critical role in the short-term and long-term success of every business. Companies with high engagement levels have increased productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction. Businesses with engaged employees also benefit from lower absence rates, a decreased likelihood of injury and lower turnover rates.

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About Us

As the owner of a popular ice cream parlor in Baltimore City, David spent over 10 years working with at-risk teenagers and adults. Despite the challenges presented to him, he created a culture of positivity, possibility and purpose that helped his employees overcome the challenges before them, both at work and beyond. In a difficult industry, David’s style of passionate management resulted in unprecedented levels of retention, engagement and morale.

David Shar teaches managers and small business owners to transform their businesses through employee engagement to build a passionate, engaged workforce. At Shar Seminars, the backbone of our teachings is the 3 P’s of Passion: positivity, possibility and purpose.

With a developed background in human resources and organizational psychology, David Shar offers a refreshing and dynamic approach to speaking and coaching. David will guide your organization on a journey exploring the power of passion, why passion is so essential and how passion can be harnessed to achieve record levels of engagement, retention and morale.


Going Beyond Employee Engagement

Shar Seminar’s speaking programs center on one fact: that engaged and effective managers lead engaged and effective teams. In this 45-90-minute keynote presentation, David Shar will make you laugh, cry and transform the way you think about work, leadership and life. As he guides you through his signature 3 P’s of Passion, David will balance powerful storytelling with proven techniques to introduce positivity, possibility and purpose into your workplace and life. David’s winning combination of humor, affecting stories and concrete data will light the fire inside your managers and send them back to the office with tools to spread that passion through every level of your organization.

The 3 P’s of Passion

There is no competitive advantage greater than having a passionate workforce that is committed to both the business and the role that they play within it. David has worked in the small business, corporate and non-profit sectors, and has found his “3 P’s of Passion” to be universally successful.


In life, you find what you are looking for. Focus on opportunity and success.


We are only limited by our own perception! Grow yourself and those around you.


Stop focusing on the what and connect with the why. Find meaning in all that you do.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this keynote experience, attendees will: 

  • Have a lasting and meaningful impact on their workplace culture, by utilizing a selection of resources to help develop a more positive mindset and leadership style.
  • Develop and nurture new personal and professional goals to grow themselves, their staff and their organization.
  • Learn to reconnect with the “Why,” and effectively communicate vision and purpose with their teams.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the definition and benefits of employee engagement and how to develop it within their organization.


Shar Seminars uses a carefully-developed proprietary consulting method to ensure phenomenal transformations.

Free Consultation

We start with a complimentary consultation to assess your situation and learn more about you or your business.

Discovery (Internal and External)

Next, we transition into the discovery period, where we will learn about your business, leadership and employees.

Development of Appropriate Intervention(s)

Once the difficulties are clearly established, we will develop numerous appropriate interventions to improve your situation.

Implementation of Interventions

The implementation phase is when the pedal hits the metal, and real change begins to occur.

Measurement of Intervention Success

Finally, we will see how the recommended interventions worked. If necessary, we will make additional recommendations to ensure that your business reaches your end goal.

Our Consulting Services

  • Selection Process Development
  • Development & Implementation of Training Programs
  • HR Analytics & Recommendations
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Leadership Development

Executive Coaching

In addition to our range of consulting services, we also offer executive coaching for high-level stakeholders in your business. Executive coaching is a powerful tool for altering entire organizations. In one study, companies received an average return of $7.90 for every $1 invested in executive coaching. Drawing on David’s experience as an executive and transformative coach, your executives will gain skills and knowledge to better-equip them to lead.

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